5 Keys To Teaching Every Child About Business Ownership

In my own life, I have experienced two events that changed my course forever. One of those events got me started teaching; and the other showed me that entrepreneurship can improve any child’s future.

The first experience took place in New York City back in 1981. One minute, I was enjoying an afternoon jog in the park; the next minute, I was being attacked by a group of teenagers. I was only finally able to overcome this trauma when my psychologist required me to work with kids like the ones that attacked me. That’s how I became a teacher.

Dr. Nazeer Haider Khan, Health Industry’s Most Renowned Name

Dr. Nazeer Haider Khan or "Dr. Naz," as a son of another prominent doctor, Dr. Haider Ali Khan, MD, has made a name for himself in the world of Medicine and Healthcare. 

He is a well-decorated and multi-skilled physician. He has founded and owned several Healthcare companies as well as spent a lot of years being involved in research and the field of medicine from his undergraduate years up to date.